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I live in rural Maine on Cold Stream Pond with my lumber loving husband and our active 5 kids.  I spend my day trying to reign in the chaos that comes with having so many kids.  I love interior design, lampshades, life on the lake, skiing, cooking uninterrupted, procrastinating about laundry, instagram and margaritas.  

Onto to my Lampshade Obsession...

My lampshade making passion starting back in 2015 when I bought a gorgeous custom jumbo lampshade and Trellis lamp base from Furniturea, Rural Modern.  I read a book on how to make lampshades and then went out on a whim and purchased all the materials and set out on the quest to learn how to make the lampshades.  After perfecting my skills for for 2 years, I began selling my shades at Birchwood Interiors at Sugarloaf, The Painted Peach in New Hampshire and my Etsy shop.  

And finally moving onto interior design and decorating...

We built a new home in 2014 years ago and I enjoyed every second of it.  I loved creating a unique space that suited my personality and one that my family would enjoy.  Every room at my house has a purpose and is used on a daily basis, so keeping it practical yet stylish is my main objective.  


Since building our home, I have taken on several commercial office and residential projects.  Creating a vision and seeing it become reality is such a gratifying process.


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