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For the love of lampshade design

How it all began...I had taken a trip to the Old Port in Portland and walked by Furniturea, Rural Modern.  I was immediately attracted to the vibrant colored furniture pieces on display in the store.  When I spotted a beautiful orange Trellis lamp base with a large custom jumbo lampshade adorned with birds, I knew that I had found love at first sight.

I left the store at first empty handed, then returned 4 more times with in a two hour span to attempt to justify the purchase.  I finally caved and purchased the lamp and it became one of my favorite pieces in my house.  The only problem was that I wanted more and more lampshades for my house.  

I began reading and researching how to make lampshades and then took a leap of faith and ordered all the necessary supplies.  The next 2 years, I practiced and perfected my shades.  My husband was supportive, but at the same time wondered what I was going to do with all of the new lampshades that I was making.  At his encouragement, I began selling them at an Birchwood Interiors at Sugarloaf and at The Painted Peach in Newmarket, NH.


Lampshades are an easy way to share your design personality.  I always go for bold prints in my own house, but my walls are all white, so introducing bright pops of color is never an issue.  Custom lampshades bring texture and warmth to any space.  I believe that ambiance lighting is a necessity, why not take it up a notch and use a custom lampshade?!


Custom Lampshade Ordering Information

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