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A Colorful Living Room

My design moto is pretty much--color, color and more color please. While I do find the nice and neutral spaces super appealing on Pinterest, they are just not spaces that I want to live in everyday. I want color, I want texture and most of all, I want a unique space that does not look like everything on Pinterest.

I discovered Company C in Portland's Old Port about 4 years ago. The store is so me. If I could buy everything in the store I would. It is filled with colorful furniture and furnishings and the most stunning rugs that you will ever see. I have several rugs from Company C and I love them. They really hold up to the extreme wear and tear that my family and dogs provides. I have found the rugs a breeze to clean when there is an unfortunate mess. A little soap and water and a little scrub and the rug is good to go. Glitter glue was interesting to get out...but I did it!

I spotted the Vintage Quilt Rug at Company C on a trip into the store when I was just browsing...once we had a closing date for the condo, I bought the rug and centered my colors and design around the rug. The adds the rug serves as the funky element that I am always looking for.

My before pictures are definitely not the best! I quickly took the pictures before we starting clearing out the old furnishings. At the time, I had no future intentions of blogging about it!

The condo BEFORE...

Totally 1982. The drapes were maybe once in style? And we thought that was a light above the window. As it turns out it was a heater. A very inefficient 1982, they must not have figured out that heat rises?!

The fireplace area was understated and not a focal point. It was also set up for wood. Having grown up with wood stoves as primary heat sources, I am so over the mess and work--the dreadful fall wood stacking weekends, that come with burning wood.

Check out the tiger on the wall! There were also elephants, flamingos, koala and surfing pictures. We did put them in the Free for the Taking pile at the Transfer Station...I wonder if anyone picked them up!

A before view from the living room into the dining area

A view of the living/dining area before the renovation.

The AFTER...

The afternoon sun shining in gives the wood a whole different look.

A view of the open concept living/dining/kitchen.

My rug!! And that sofa! The sofa is also from Company C, it is in the Lucetta fabric in Grass with a Paloma Blue welt. The Lucetta and Paloma fabrics are my favorites, they both clean so easily and do not pick up water marks from a rogue leaky sippy cups. Both fabrics are also nice and soft! The old leather sofa was from our old condo. I am not a huge fan of leather furniture, most of the like it is just too overwhelming and masculine for my taste, but my hubby loves it as most men do! At first I thought we would only keep it temporarily until the budget would allow me to get something else...but I actually like it paired with the rug, sofa and my chair and (which is in the Paloma Blue).

Putting the television above fireplace was a no brainer. It is on a wall mount that can be lowered when we are watching it. I had my electrician wire up outlets behind the television so we could hide the cords.

By the fireplace, I had originally planned for shelving, but changed my mind in the middle of construction. I changed my mind because I am TERRIBLE at dusting AND I am not very good at keeping shelves organized. So I decided custom nook bed would be a better fit. The bed is 58"x 32" and is the perfect size to snuggle up on after skiing. I had the nook bed mattress and cover custom made. I left the area below the nook bed open for toddler toy storage.

I am still trying to find the perfect coffee table for the room, any suggestions?!

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