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Finding the Perfect Dining Light

Once glance around my house and condo and anyone will be able to tell I have an obsession with Barn Light Electric Company. I love everything about them--the different color and cord options and the shapes and sizes. I love mixing and matching them too, I usually stick with the same color but vary the shape and size throughout a room. For example, I will do one shape and color on the boarder of a room and then a different shape in the same color in the middle of the room. Check out my condo kitchen renovation for an example of mixing and matching.

Before my condo renovation even started, I knew I was going to use Barn Light's Delphite Blue color. Given that my primary color scheme for the condo was various shades of blues and kelly green with yellow accents--the Delphite Blue was the perfect choice.

I bought all of my lighting before we had really started to gut the place. That was a risky thing to do. When I opened my dining room light, I loved the Hancock 3 Light light fixture, but just not for my condo dining room. I had immediate buyers regret, but was afraid to admit to my hubby that I had made a costly mistake! So the dining light went up and I silently lived with my regret--because why admit failure if you don't have to?! I do think the Hancock 3 Light would have worked if I had a bigger space, but my fridge cabinet and island came out more than I was expecting, so I was never able to center my table properly under the Hancock 3 Light. I am not a type-A person at all, but that drove me nuts!

I apologize for the terrible pictures, I seem to be taking pictures in a mad hurry as we are leaving...

The Old Dining Light-- the Hancock 3 Light

The Old Dining Light

Fast forward a few husband scored a killer deal on a pool table for our basement and started talking about finding a pool table light. B-I-N-G-O--my dining table light would be the perfect and super stylish pool table light--so a big win-win for me. So back to Barn Light Electric I went, this time I knew that I needed a large single pendant. By going with one large pendant, I would be able to highlight my small dining space better and center my table! I went for the newest Barn Light fixture, the 20" Porcelain Locke Ivanhoe Pendant in Delphite Blue.

So last weekend, we put the Ivanhoe Pendant up...and it was perfect!! The original fixture overwhelmed my smaller space--BUT will be perfect in our large basement over our pool table. We hung the Ivanhoe a bit lower than the previous fixture, which I LOVE. The shape is so round and unique--and wait for it...I was finally able to center my table!

The New Dining Light--The 20" Locke Ivanhoe in Delphite Blue

I also changed out my table and chairs for a table with benches--the benches work so much better for us, they easily fit 3 kids on each side. I will blog about the new table and end chairs soon!!

Do you think the BL Locke Ivanhoe is the right choice?!

And no, I am not sponsored or affiliated with Barn Light! I just love their lighting!

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