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So Many Backsplash Tile Options

Last week, I was attempting to clean my kitchen and came up with the brilliant idea that it is time to finally tile the large area behind my kitchen sinks. The area is huge, just over 100 square feet. I currently have the standard 4" quartz countertop backsplash, but as my cabinets have settled, the backsplash has slightly pulled away, leaving a slight annoying and ugly gap. I have tried to caulk it a few times, but it just is not working. I am certainly not a Type A person, but it drives me absolutely nuts.

When we built out house, I had originally planned for tiling this area, but due to time and budget constraints it just had to be put on the "do later" list. Which at the time, I was completely fine with. We put up pine and I have been very happy with it, but am ready for a change.

I love the look of counter to ceiling tile. It is just so flashy and pretty and gets me every time I see it. Backsplashes that only go part way up a wall feel so incomplete and can create awkward transitions. I am planning on going with a nice neutral white-ish color tile, I want a tile that will not be dated in 10 years. Remember the late 90's when the Tuscan kitchen was all the rage?!

I have always used the basic white subway tile, mainly because it is inexpensive and always looks good.

This is my kitchen currently...

After visiting Lowes and a local tile shop. Both had great options of, but it was almost like opening a can of worms. There were a million options to pick I want the basic subway tile, a larger subway tile or do I want a handmade look?? To top that off, what size? Since our wall is so big, I am leaning towards a larger 3x12 or the 3x6 tile. I also saw a 6x6 square on Pinterest and loved the look...but questioned whether it work in my kitchen.

This is the square tile that I LOVE--handcrafted tiles from Winchester Tile Company in England. Of course I like it, it is the is the most expensive tile option that I am considering at about $14 sq ft.

Or go with the more economical 3x6 tile from Lowes? I have used it before and always been pleased with the outcome. It is definitely a safe and pretty timeless choice. This is my condo kitchen renovation at Sugarloaf. Clean and simple.

So much to consider. I want my kitchen to remain timeless and practical for many years to come. The big questions is whether to splurge or stay budget friendly?

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