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A Little Color for the Lakeside Log Cabin!

As I mentioned in my last post, I stained the exterior of the log cabin. In the process I got 101 more gray hairs and almost changed my color choice after the first coat. Thankfully, I stuck with my gut and had the second coat put on. The end result is everything I had thought it would be in my head, lighter and colorful.

Before it was all stained a solid dark brown, I mean everything was the same shade of brown. The trim, garage doors, front door, the siding--all the same shade of dark brown. It looked okay, but needed an update. Most log cabins are stained in different shades of reds or browns, so going rogue with a greenish/gray color threw everyone for a loop. The neighbors who were used to the dark brown told me they did not like it...I also got the comment, "I have never seen a gray log cabin before..." Not sure if that was a positive or negative comment...!

I wanted to go with a solid color stain mainly because the Log Cabin has been on and off the market for 7 years and never sold. I did not want to just do a renovation on the interior and leave the same stale exterior. The goal of the Lakeside Log Cabin is to renovate to sell in the spring. Fingers are crossed potential buyers will be pleased with something different!

I am happy I stayed on track with the staining, the end result is a refreshing change. The change was just a bit dramatic at first and took me a hot minute to accept, but once I accepted it, I loved it. After the garage doors and the white trim were painted, the neighbors complimented the lighter color!


The white trim makes the windows look bigger than they are. Using different colors for the doors, trim and siding, really giving the house the dimension it was lacking before.

The trim still needed another coat in this picture, but you get the idea.

Sherwin Williams

Siding--Mountain Road

Trim--Casa Blanca

Doors--Pewter Green

Lets not forget the BEFORE!


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