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The Sugarloaf Connection

6/7 of the tribe, the baby was too young to ski last year!!

I was fortunate to grow up in Kingfield, fifteen minutes south of Sugarloaf. . During the ski season, my mom would pack up my brother and I and we would head to Sugarloaf to ski with the rest of our extended family. We would ski all day and then head out sliding after the lifts closed. My brother, cousins, and I would slide from my grandfathers condo down to the Sugarloaf Inn where we would get a shuttle bus ride back up. At a young age we had the freedom of the mountain, just checking in every few runs at the condo. Man, those were the days!

After I married my husband, we moved 3 hours east of Sugarloaf. Weekend ski trips the first few years we spent staying with family south of Sugarloaf. After the we welcomed our third baby, we decided we needed our own space. We purchased our first condo and enjoyed it for a year and then turned it into a full time rental condo and then purchased a slightly larger 3 bedroom unit to use personally and to also rent when we were not there.

This past winter, it quickly became apparent that our family of 7 and 3 dogs had outgrown our cozy 3 bedroom, 1000 square place. We put both places on the market an hoped for the best. They both sold and the hunt was on for a bigger space...only the selection was very limited! The places we looked at were either out of budget, nice but not my style or totally outdated with a killer location. Naturally, I wanted the totally outdated--I love a project!

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures!!


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