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The Lakeside Log Cabin

We bought a log cabin around the corner from us on Cold Stream Pond in Maine. My goal is to renovate and spruce it up to resell it in the spring of 2021. This log cabin has been on and off the markets for the past 7 years and has never sold. This summer, I finally convinced my husband to look at the log cabin to buy. When we went to check the place out and I was expecting to find major issues with the place, but other than being very dark and outdated there were no issues, just a lot of potential.

So, follow along over the next few months as I work to bring new life to this lakeside log cabin!

I am going to try to keep up with posting about this project. I am a complete slacker when documenting projects. I started this website a few years ago and have not really done anything with it since.

Follow along on Instagram @themainesprucehouse

This is the view from the road side. Not your typically log cabin color, it is stained a solid chocolate brown, to me it is very monotoned and just blah! The exterior is what I am tackling first, I want to get it done before winter rolls in...

This is the front, it faces the lake. The game plan is to screen it in to create an indoor/outdoor living space. After all, this is Maine, screened porches are a necessity!!


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