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Kitchen Tile Backsplash is Finished!

A quick life update!

Life has been crazy in my neck of the woods. I have been designing and coordinating with contractors for new offices spaces for a lumber mill. There are 3 different office locations that I am over seeing. I absolutely love the job, but it certainly takes away any free time that I may have had.

My New Years resolution was to actually start blogging about my projects and to call my friends on the phone more often...update on my resolutions, I have done either of those, but the year is not over yet!

Now onto what I picked for my kitchen tile backsplash!

I was toying between the subway 3x6 and the 6x6 square tile from Winchester Tile Company in England. I ended up deciding the backsplash needed to be a splurge and went with the 6x6 tile from Winchester.

Winchester Tile Company

I wanted a tile that was different from everything that is on Pinterest, but also not too different that it would be considered "trendy" in a few years. 5 years ago when we were building our house, glass tile was all the rage, now not so much. I almost jumped on the glass subway tile bandwagon, but fortunately did not or I should say, could not jump on the bandwagon due to budget.

The square tile has such a beautiful shimmer in the evening when the lights are turned low. I have tried to capture it with my camera, but it just doesn't pick up the reflections. I used the color Papyrus. It is a softer shade of white that compliments my Silestone Blanco Maple countertops. My Barn Lights really stand out too, as many of you know, their lighting is my favorite!

Just a quick glimpse of what my kitchen looked like before

I am loving my new kitchen backsplash. My sanity was questioned when it took 2.5 weeks to complete over the initial thought of a week. My sanity was questioned a bit, but we all survived!!

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